North East Classic Car Storage

For car owners looking for a secure, safe place to park their cherished vehicles in the North East of England, we offer a great service to help. All cars are safely parked in our secure warehouse inside their own airchamber or carcoon as some people call them, keeping them dry, dust free, and free of any condensation in the air.

The storage ports have external frames, meaning that the nothing is ever touching the paintwork of your vehicle. They provide perfect protection for sports & classic cars, motorbikes, and anything else that can fit inside.

Our warehouses are all located on our secure, fenced site. With 24hour CCTV and alarms in operation, as well as other internal barriers. No members of the public are ever allowed access to the buildings, except for customers that want access.

We are located close to Durham, providing secure classic car storage to Newcastle, Sunderland, and further afield.

Whilst your car is in our storage facility, we also offer battery conditioners, so that the batteries never go flat.